Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Life doesn’t always go as planned. Two years ago I thought I’d be starting university and interning at a news firm/magazine office – the perfect beginning to a perfect future. But here I am, two years later struggling to even attend my lectures and working part time at a call centre that has absolutely NOTHING to do with my area of speciality. Ha! So good for that ‘perfect future’.

The truth is, times have changed and our future can no longer be entirely planned out like before. Jobs no longer require just degrees, its all about how ‘experienced’ you are. I know a guy who holds a masters degree in medicine but works full-time at a restaurant because he cant seem to land a decent job in his field of degree!

Because of this, I feel like I’ve lost my desire to actually stay in education. Unless I miraculously land a job as a writer/journalist at a newspaper firm its going to be a complete waste. Which is sad, because I love writing. I remember when I was young I use to have this burning passion for writing, I used to own a diary from the age of 8 and I use to report back on how my day went at the end of each night. And if nothing interesting had happened that day I would write short stories - mainly horror ( don’t ask why) and sometimes type it up and send it to my friends to read. Ah, the good ol’days.

 I’ve always had this vision of me having my own column at a newspaper and have people reading my section every week. I would make people think about whats really going on in the world and just stimulate people’s brain cells every now and then. But that  vision just keeps running further and further away….

I came across a tweet the other day written by a young girl, around the same age as me and it stuck with me, she said “How do you convince upcoming generations that education is the key to success? When they are surrounded by poor graduates and rich criminals.” And I can’t seem to stop thinking about it. It’s just so accurate, so raw, and most importantly, it confirmed that I wasn’t the only one who thought that, and that I wasn’t just making it all up in my head. Because it’s the truth. It’s my truth. It’s our truth.


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