Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Dear Readers,

Ive been thinking. A lot. 

I quit my job yesterday and it felt good. It felt liberating. Well it did for 60 seconds - until i hung up the phone and thought to myself "shit, i'm unemployed." haha. It's not like i regret it or anything, because i don't. it wasn't a serious job and remember, i am still a student. All i have to do is look for another part time job - no biggie!  

It's just that since i don't technically have uni lessons anymore and just handing in assignments, i have so much free time. And it's stressing me out! I know right?! At first it was fun, staying at home lying on my sofa and binge watching every possible show on Netflix. But i'm almost finishing my second year and i already know i'm not going on holiday this year (due to circumstances) so the question is, what do i do? 

My initial plan was to write. Writing always filled any empty void i had. So i thought "Yes! This summer I'm gonna gather all my notes/ideas and write until my fingers bleed!" However, i seem to have the good ol' case of writer's block. Yup. Perfect timing, right?! Pfffft! 

I don't know where to start. Well, since i'm writing this post, i am still technically writing, right? It's a start i guess.

Wait, did this post even have a point? I don't even know. Sorry, guys! Just thought maybe if i ease into writing posts like this, it'd shake off this writer's blog. But anyway, it is what it is, i guess. 

Thanks for reading anyway! Haha :) 

Keep Smiling, 
Yours Truly, 


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