Wednesday, 10 August 2016


I've been tagged by 2 of my friends and i'm not gonna lie, it took me so long to find 20 facts about myself. You should know, i hate talking about myself because i NEVER know what to say. But since i've just launched my blog, what better way is there for you to get to know me better? Think of this as an introduction :)

  1. My name is Haara
  2. I'm 22
  3. Although i love spending time with family/friends, I've always preferred my own company more than others.
  4. I have been self studying Korean for almost 2 years now (it's not easy!!)
  5. People often tell me that my honesty comes across as intimidating, but i don't mean to. i promise.
  6. I have the worst possible appetite known to mankind haha
  7. I don't eat meat. Haven't eaten meat in about 12+ years.
  8. I really enjoy blogging but i never know how to balance my time
  9. Once i get hooked on a show, it consumes me. 
  10. I don't like crowds.
  11. I obsess over fictional characters...sometimes
  12. I am obsessed with all things crime. my dream would to crack a huge case!
  13. I get along with almost everyone, but at the same time i'm socially awkward.
  14. First impressions mean everything to me. If you start off on my bad books, you stay there.
  15. My dream is to live in a top-stroy apartment with the New York Skyline view.
  16. I'm really bad at keeping contact with old friends
  17. Sarcasm is my second language...maybe even first 
  18. I don't do well in serious situations. I can't take anything seriously.
  19. I laugh way too much
  20. I've been keeping a journal ever since i was in Primary. (8 years old)
WOW, i actually did it! 

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