Wednesday, 17 August 2016


I recently came across a bunch of articles stating that messy people are in fact, intelligent.  Yes, you heard right. IT'S ABOUT TIME WE (and i speak for all intelligent people) RECEIVED SOME RECOGNITION!! All those years of my mother coming into my room and yelling at me for being "messy" has finally been paid off. Let me just state that my room isn't actually as messy and you're probably thinking right now - don't let your imaginations run wild. It's just my mum is quite OCD and her version of "clean" is basically impossible to live up to. However, that doesn't excuse the fact that yes, you will find clutter and books spread across the floor occasionally. But according to the articles on BuzzFeed (and others) it states that i am actually creative - which is true - and surprisingly intelligent. :) TAKE THAT MUM! (haha)

However, as much as i appreciate my "creativity", i am a strong believer of sorting out your mess and cleaning your desk actually plays an important role towards your sanity. I have noticed that whenever i am stressed and have something on my mind, i find that cleaning my room does wonders and genuinely calms me down.

Let's take today for example, i was stressed about uni and thinking about my future options now that i'm in my last year. One second i was laying in bed staring at my ceiling, and the next second i find myself rummaging through my wardrobe and sorting out my vanity (view photos below). Now i have a clear desk, and a refreshed mind. It's a win win situation. You should try it :)

Comment below if you agree (or disagree) x

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