Friday, 12 August 2016

Rossopomodoro, John Lewis Oxford Street

This week's review is a secret Pizzeria place in Oxford Street that i visited with my best friend (shoutout to Jemima!!). I have been to my fair share of pizza joints but this, this has to be the best one yet. 
So it started off with me and Jemima being REALLY hungry from circling busy oxford street and we couldn't find a place to eat. We ended up asking a stranger at the bus stop if there are any pizza places near and the kind lady suggested Rossopomodoro inside John Lewis. At first we were just like "meh, whatever" about it but the once we were served our Mocktails, i knew our taste buds were in for a ride! haha. Seriously, everything about it was perfect. The lights were deemed, candles were set around each table, and the view, ah the view was beautiful. It was all just so picturesque.

If you happen to be around Oxford Street and you want to enjoy some quite time whilst you eat delicious pizza, you know where to find Rossopomodoro. Trust, you'll thank me later :) 

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