Saturday, 24 September 2016


As you all know, singer/actress Alicia Keys stop wearing make-up. She debuted her new make-up free life when she attended the 2016 VMAs without a single drop of make-up. Ah, she's amazing. Alicia said in an interview that the reason why she stopped wearing make-up was because she felt like she was losing herself in the fame and it altered her perception of beauty. I completely agree with her, it is no news that women who are constantly in the public eye have this stigma to be "perfect" and it's absolutely ridiculous. These women are being criticised day after day on how they look, how they act, what they wear, who they wear; the list can go on! It's a constant battle of fighting society's definition of beauty. Why can't the world just let them be? 
Alicia Keys finally took a stand against beauty standards and is an inspiration to all women. Especially me. When i first saw her VMA candids - okay this might be weird but - i was PROUD. She's so beautiful without make-up. We all know how much of a 'big deal' these social events are and how celebrities spend HOURS to look perfect, so naturally i was impressed at her taking a stand and making such a bold & empowering statement. She's truly incredible. 

PS, i know some of you will probably read this and think "it's not that big of a deal, it's only make up" and yes, i agree but the reason it's a 'big deal' is because Alicia is a celebrity who took a stand against society's beauty stereotypes. That isn't common so yes, i think it's a big deal. I'm not saying she's the only women in the world who doesn't wear make-up but she's the only women who didn't wear make-up to an Award Show, and that says something.

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I can't believe 2016 is almost over! Ah, how quickly time flies. Before we entered the new year, i thought it would be a good idea to share with you guys what 2016 has taught me. Enjoy.
  1. FRIENDS AREN'T FOREVER - I believe that no matter how well you think you know a person or how close you've been throughout the years, sometimes even the closest of friends can just...grow apart. I say this from experience. Nothing in life is forever, and unfortunately that includes friendships.
  2. ALWAYS LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES - I have a tendency to overlook my past mistakes because i just don't think it'll happen again. But what i failed to understand is that although it's unlikely that the exact scenario will occur, history does repeat itself. Don't be that person that gets fooled twice. There's  this quote i always use to hear (but never took seriously) and it goes something like "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
  3. PROCRASTINATION IS MY WORST FEAR -  Procrastination will be the death of me. I need to stop with the "later" mentality and start doing things STRAIGHT AWAY. Okay, well i'll get back to this point later...
  4. YOU CAN'T CONTROL EVERYTHING - Okay, so i might have slight control problem. I like to do everything myself and cannot let go of that control for the life of me. Trust me, i have tried but it usually just ends in a psychotic meltdown. I think my lack of submitting control steps from my fear of the unknown. I'm terrified of the unknown. I hate not knowing what's going to happen and often try to prepare myself. Of course, that's impossible.
  5. TRUST GOD - This actually goes well with everything i've just said above. The only way i can let go of my obsession to control every aspect with my life is to trust Allah (SWT) and completely submit myself to Him. God has created us all for a reason. We have been created for a purpose, and that purpose to worship Him only. The only thing keeping me sane through everything is my relationship with God. I strongly believe that the only way to live a stress-free happy life is by completely trusting God - keyword: completely.

Sunday, 18 September 2016


I was at my friend's house yesterday and we were just chilling and having a girly catch up- as friends do. We were browsing my blog and developing ideas, when we came across my Make Up by Maiisha post (click here).  At first we were just testing different matte lipsticks on my skin thing led to another and before i know it, it was a full glam session. I wasn't complaining :) 

My friend Basma is an upcoming MUA - although she hasn't launched her project yet, i can promise it will be worth the wait. WATCH THIS SPACE! 
| Most of the products used are from Kiko. | Photos taken by Sarah |

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

'Twas A Nude Eid.

 HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! To all my muslim readers, Eid Mubarak! I hope you all had a lovely Eid and got to celebrate this beautiful holiday with your loved ones ♡. For those of my readers who aren't' Muslim and don't know what Eid-Al-Adha is, let me explain...

Eid al-Adha, also called the "Sacrifice Feast", is the second of our two Muslim holidays and it's also considered to be the holier of the two. During this period many Muslims travel to Mecca and the surrounding area in Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj pilgrimage. Another interesting fact is that traditionally, families sacrifice an animal known as asudhiya (usually a goat or sheep) on the day, BUT because this isn't legal in most countries - especially in Europe - it is only performed by Muslims who live in traditional Muslim/Islamic countries.
 OOTD - I wore this pretty dress-like abaya from my local market ( I know right, i was just as surprised!) and a lovely chiffon hijab from Malaysia.

Ps, alot of you have been asking me where i got my Hijabs from and unfortunately i don't know exactly where from Malaysia it's from as they were gifted to me...sorry.

I don't know what face was trying to do here aha.

After the Eid prayer and spending quality time with my family, me and my cousins went out to London to have some fun of our own. We drove up to Greenwich Park and watched the sun set beautifully over London. Ah, i can't begin to describe how breathtaking the view was.
We sat down, took some photos for IG (of course) and watched the sunset in silence. We then headed back to the Pier and grabbed some NANDOS and then ended our night by heading to the cinema to watch 'Lights Out' - which btw was a terrible mistake! haha. That movie honestly gave me the chills throughout the entire duration..AND i had to sleep with the lights on because i was too creeped out LOL. 

I hope you all had as much fun as i did. Let me know how you're Eid went in the comments below :)



Thursday, 8 September 2016

SNAPPED: Coffee Latte, Barking.

This is a bit of a random post. Here i am in my favourite coffee shop, finishing off the very last pages of The Great Gatsby - and editing some blog posts - when i thought to myself "why not update your readers about your life?" so let's have a heart-to-heart 

Firstly, how are you guys? Hope you're all having a great day!

The last time i was uploading a post i was going through some issues - btw, thank you to everyone who messaged me and making sure i was okay, i was truly touched :) I'm sorry that i worried you, but i assure you i am more than okay now. I am in a different place, and gained some serious perspective. My advice to anyone who is going through something stressful and/or experiencing anxiety would be to keep calm and leave everything to God. Our fates were written long before we were even born, and as much as we like to think we can control every little detail in our lives, the truth is we can't. God is the best of planners, and the only way to get through the rough times is to take a step back and think "God knows best." So take a deep breath, close your eyes and submit yourself to the God, and trust me you will feel MUCH better. Why? Because once you realise that the situation is out of your control and there's nothing you can do to go back in time, a huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders. Trust me. Stay strong and keep your head up high, you will get through it, i promise. 

ANYWAY, enough of all the depressing talk! Haha. Let's talk about something positive. I know its back to school/uni month..are you all excited to go back??? I use to love going back to school because my holidays were soo boring and i liked seeing my friends again so we could go back to our mischievous ways. I'm kidding, i was such a nerd.

Oh, i almost forgot...i finished Stranger Things last week and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I can't wait for the next season! I've been binge watching shows on Netflix this summer and im pretty sure i've watched them all! Are there any other interesting shows i should be watching?? ...You know, just in case i left anything out...

Well, looks like that's pretty much all the updates with my life so far..Let me know if you guys enjoy this sort of thing and would like more of the Chit-Chat style posts :)

Q: What's your favourite show? Let me know in the comments below x

Sunday, 4 September 2016


"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it."  

Thursday, 1 September 2016


It's the 1st of September which means its back to school month. Many of you have asked to write about uni life and what i think about uni, so i thought this was the best time. For those of you who don't know, i am currently entering my third year this October studying BA Journalism & Media. You might think "that seems fun and interesting" but let me tell you it's the furthest thing from fun. When i first started uni i was so excited, thinking studying journalism would be more practical and that we would be sent out to the real life to find real stories. Imagine my disappointment when the first (and only) "real" life piece we had to cover was on a Museum of Things exhibition near by. So this is why every time someone i know is thinking about going to uni i ask them if it's what they really want. Uni isn't exactly as realistic as they make it out in their brochures - and movies for that matter haha. Make sure you do your FULL and THOROUGH research before you jump to enrol at a university. Think about what you want to study, will it stay the same throughout the year? - because changing courses is a hassle - does it correlate with your future career plans? .. You have to take all these into consideration.

Another thing i would advice is, NOT ALL CAREERS NEED A UNIVERSITY DEGREE. I say this because i had friends who wanted to be photographers, get in the gaming industry, even the music industry and news flash, you don't need a degree in all the above. Society, schools - and parents - may pressure you into believing that the only way to get somewhere in life is by getting a degree at a prestigious university, but thats not true! I briefly mentioned this in my 'LIFE DOESN'T ALWAYS GO AS PLANNED' post here and i said that times have changed and our future can no longer be entirely planned out like before. Jobs no longer require just degrees, and focus on how ‘experienced’ you are. So what i'm trying to say is that if you're more interested in getting yourself out there and want to do something in your life that you're really passionate about and that you can actually control, i wouldn't advise uni for you. I would tell you to finish school, finish college and just get out there! Grab opportunities, meet new people & find connections. Put yourself out there because the world is your oyster. The truth is, university doesn't prepare you for the outside world, in fact it does quite the opposite. It puts you in this bubble of classroom walls, libraries, and by the time it's exam season the entire campus looks like a zombie apocalypse.

Exam season:
  •  running around looking for your professor
  • going to the library to study but there's no seats because you're obviously not the only student with exams coming up
  • social life = non existent  
  • the bags under your eyes growing darker
  • surviving on instant coffee 
  • (and the list can go on)
Is that even healthy? More importantly, is it worth it?

However, if you are like me and into more academic subjects & humanities, then yes, i will admit you will need a degree to get a job. So just try your best and get through it. Just remember to stack up on your instant coffee, concealer and bottled water, before exam season.

Anyway, i don't know if this was much help haha whether you see this as a rant, or just friendly advice, i do wish you luck on your academic year and i hope everything works out in your favour :)

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