Thursday, 8 September 2016

SNAPPED: Coffee Latte, Barking.

This is a bit of a random post. Here i am in my favourite coffee shop, finishing off the very last pages of The Great Gatsby - and editing some blog posts - when i thought to myself "why not update your readers about your life?" so let's have a heart-to-heart 

Firstly, how are you guys? Hope you're all having a great day!

The last time i was uploading a post i was going through some issues - btw, thank you to everyone who messaged me and making sure i was okay, i was truly touched :) I'm sorry that i worried you, but i assure you i am more than okay now. I am in a different place, and gained some serious perspective. My advice to anyone who is going through something stressful and/or experiencing anxiety would be to keep calm and leave everything to God. Our fates were written long before we were even born, and as much as we like to think we can control every little detail in our lives, the truth is we can't. God is the best of planners, and the only way to get through the rough times is to take a step back and think "God knows best." So take a deep breath, close your eyes and submit yourself to the God, and trust me you will feel MUCH better. Why? Because once you realise that the situation is out of your control and there's nothing you can do to go back in time, a huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders. Trust me. Stay strong and keep your head up high, you will get through it, i promise. 

ANYWAY, enough of all the depressing talk! Haha. Let's talk about something positive. I know its back to school/uni month..are you all excited to go back??? I use to love going back to school because my holidays were soo boring and i liked seeing my friends again so we could go back to our mischievous ways. I'm kidding, i was such a nerd.

Oh, i almost forgot...i finished Stranger Things last week and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I can't wait for the next season! I've been binge watching shows on Netflix this summer and im pretty sure i've watched them all! Are there any other interesting shows i should be watching?? ...You know, just in case i left anything out...

Well, looks like that's pretty much all the updates with my life so far..Let me know if you guys enjoy this sort of thing and would like more of the Chit-Chat style posts :)

Q: What's your favourite show? Let me know in the comments below x

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