Sunday, 28 May 2017


Ramdan Kareem to all my readers. Alhamdulillah, we have reached another year. May this Ramadan be successful for us all and provide us with good health and wealth. It's already Day 2 - how was your first day? 

I wanted to share a few tips to help us improve our Imaan during this blessed month. It is essential for us Muslims to cut bad habits, make use of our time, and all in all become better Muslims. Here are my top 5 tips:

1) Read Quran - Try to finish the whole Quran. To do this, you need to aim towards 1 Juzz per day (5 pages after every Salah). 
2) Make Dua - Du'a is the weapon of the believer, especially during the month of Ramadan. Don't forget to make du'a for our brothers and sisters suffering around the world. (Pray for Somalia!)
3) Nap - I personally think napping is very important. Believe it or not, it is sunnah to take a midday nap, it improves your stamina and increases your health. Having your daily rest is just as important to your health as being active. The Qaylulah is a sunnah, it is a nap or rest (even without sleep) taken midday or when the sun is at its peak. It is usually taken before Zhuhr prayer unless the prayer is held early (in the beginning of its time) in which case it may be done afterwards. Source from here.
4) Pray Taraweeh as often as you can - I know we can get a bit lazy, especially during this heat. But Taraweeh is very important and it's a beautiful experience. 
5) Drink water - I cannot stress the importance of drinking water during ramadan. For people like me who usually get more thirsty than hungry, drinking water is a necessity! If you're not hydrated enough whilst fasting it could effect your health. Plus, it's good for your skin so you get to glow on Eid :) 

"Oh Allah, Make this Ramadan blessed and life changing for us."

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