Didn't you have a different blog? - Yes, i did. But things didn't turn out well and i changed my content so i thought it would be a good idea to start again.
I use to follow you on your old blog and i really like/benefited from your articles. - Don't worry, i have transferred my most popular posts onto this blog. 
Are you going to continue with your make up/beauty content? - Hmm, well i am still debating on that. The reason being is i don't follow makeup trends like i use to because i just don't wear makeup anymore (well not constantly anyways) so i thought "whats the point?' I'm sure you guys want me to keep it real and i don't want to advertise makeup brands that i don't wear or use, you know? But who knows, maybe over time i'll change my mind and add a beauty section. Never say never ;)
Do you have a posting schedule? - For now, i'm just planning to post as regularly as i can.  


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